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Executive Director & Founder

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Carolina Martin Ramos is Executive Director & Founder of Justicia Digna. Carolina is Mexica/Cherokee and lives in the Cherokee Nation Reservation in Oklahoma. Carolina is a human rights attorney focused on the rights of Indigenous peoples. She has spent years working with Indigenous migrants, human trafficking victims, refugees, and women and TSLGBTQ subjected to gender violence. Carolina's works on human rights issues caused by colonialism, green colonialism, forced removal, and genocide. 

Carolina has responded to many human rights crises including family separations impacting mostly Maya families at the U.S. - Mexico Border Region, the Oceti Sakowin No DAPL Movement at Standing Rock Nation, and to support Indigenous asylum seekers in Kumeyaay and Pueblo Territories. Carolina serves on the Board of Directors of the Water Protector Legal Collective and she serves as an Ancestral Authority with the Congreso Nacional de Los Pueblos Indigenous en La Diaspora (Nacional Congress of Indigenous Peoples in Diaspora) (CONPID)


Carolina also serves her family, clan, people and community through participation at ceremonial grounds and stomp dance ceremony. She has lived in California, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico City, and in Asia. She is fluent in English and Spanish and is a beginning learner of Tsalag (Cherokee), & Nahuatl. She enjoys strong kinship relationships with Maya peoples in Maya Territories and in the U.S. Carolina works on advocacy and human rights issues in the U.S., Mexico, & Guatemala. Also, she works with Cherokee & Native women in Oklahoma to promote civic engagement and address local issues facing Native peoples in Oklahoma. When she is not working, she enjoys visiting the ocean, surfing, art, music, dance, and visiting relatives across borders. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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